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Facial Cupping

That pressure created this desire to give people everything they need in an 80-minute process. But after the initial workout, Nguyen said clients come in for tune-ups of 50, 25, or even 15 minutes. The initial 80 minutes creates muscle memory. And then if you come back every two to three weeks for at least 15 minutes, it will help maintain your muscle tone. Once you create that muscle memory, the muscle will bounce back. Like with exercise, I alternate and do reps, Nguyen said, switching from massage to cupping, using a small cup designed for the face.The tiniest little muscles in the face that havent been worked, will get worked with this technique, he said, gently pulling at the tissue on my face using the suction of the cup. Beautiful skin is fit skin. We work out to stay younger, Nguyen continued. You do it for the body but you dont do it with the face. Ive had many clients come start with me and they get off the Botox injections. The cupping and massage definitely relieved tension from my face (that perma-knot between the eyebrows) and worked muscles I rarely use. Afterwards, my face felt a bit tender, particularly around my jaw, but not painfully so. The sensation reminded me of how it feels after trying to speak a foreign language for several hours you feel sore from using the muscles around your mouth in new ways. My skin and facial muscles also seemed tighter, my expression lighter.

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